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How could you say that I don't know how to make coffee?

by Lina Li on December 09, 2021

Maybe you are a newbie just starting to learn how to make coffee. You don’t know how to make coffee. Of course, the coffee you make may taste bad. Snobs will tell you: "You don’t know how to make coffee. It's too difficult for you, so you should give up early."

But we disagree, and I will tell you some skills to make coffee delicious!

A great cup of coffee can start a good life all day, so how to make a cup of delicious coffee quickly, my suggestion is to buy a reliable coffee machine, I will introduce four coffee machines to you.


Step 1:Pick Your Coffee Maker Wisely

Drip coffee maker

Drip coffee machine is currently the most common coffee machine on the market, and it is also the most suitable coffee machine for novices. You can choose different styles according to different needs. In short, you will find a drip coffee that you like machine.


The Drip coffee maker Process

Making coffee with a drip coffee machine is very easy. All you have to do is fill up the reservoir, scoop in the right amount of coffee, put the pot in place, and wait. While you are waiting, the coffee machine is preparing everything for you. Then, you will be able to get a cup of delicious drip coffee.


French Press

The French printing press is very easy to use, this is a classic. Don't worry about how long it takes for the water to flow through the coffee bed, it's as simple as brewing a cup of tea. Once you know the correct water temperature, the ratio of liquid to ground coffee, and the time to brew the coffee, you can easily make French press coffee. If you like strong espresso coffee and don't have enough budget, then buying a French press is a good choice.

The Coffee Making Process

The working principle of the French press is to gently soak the coffee grounds in freshly boiled water, mix the course to medium-coarse ground coffee with the freshly boiled water.


The moka pot

The moka pot is a compact, eight-sided miracle made in Italy that can make espresso-style coffee without the need for large, expensive, and high-maintenance machines. Invented by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti in 1933, the elegant three-chamber pot relies on the pressure generated by simple stove steam, which accumulates in the lowest chamber and pushes coffee grounds upward.

The Coffee Making Process

To use a moka pot, you need to put the ground coffee into the coffee basket, fill the bottom of the moka pot with water, then assemble the moka pot, and finally put it on the heat source, wait for about 5 minutes, when you hear the grunting sound, Your coffee is almost complete. Sounds simple, isn't it? In fact, you are required to control the time accurately, otherwise your coffee will become very bitter and difficult to drink.


Espresso Machines

In Seattle, Washington, you can see cafes or coffee carts within a few blocks—they are in bookstores, grocery stores, laundries, gas stations, and movie theaters. An espresso machine uses hot water, high pressure, and finely grind coffee to make espresso. You may not be able to use it as a beginner, but when you gradually master the method of making coffee, you will want to have such a multi-Functional machine.

The Espresso Machines Process

Add one rounded tablespoon of finely ground coffee to the base for every espresso-sized shot you'd like to make. Heat water to 170ºF; use it to fill the base up to desired cup marking. Place the filter in the cap, screw it onto the base, and then place the base over a mug. Stir coffee grounds for ten second and then use included plunger to carefully push water down, through the grounds, into the mug.


Step 2:Buy good quality coffee beans and store them properly

Remember, good coffee always starts with good coffee beans.

Coffee only has a peak freshness of 2-3 weeks. Therefore, the fresher the coffee, the better it tastes. Try to buy freshly roasted coffee beans. You will fall in love with this taste.

At the same time, you also need to store these coffee beans properly. You only need to remember these basic rules: no heat, no air, and no light.


Step 3: Adjust your grind size and brew time

The finer grinding is faster to extract, while the coarse grinding takes longer. If your coffee is not sufficiently extracted, grind it finer next time. If it tastes too strong, try using a coarser grind size to slow down the extraction rate. Everyone's taste is different, and the degree of grinding can be adjusted according to your own taste.

Ok so you’ve adjusted the grind,

Next, brew up.

The ideal brewing time will be determined by your brewing method.

For a coffee machine like a French press, the coffee will continue to brew until you stop it, so you have to strictly control the coffee brewing time. The brewing time of the French press and drip coffee machine is four minutes, and the brewing time of the moka pot is two minutes, while the brewing time of the Espresso machine only needs 3 minutes.


Step 4: choose the better water temperature

As a rule, your brewing water should be between 195 and 205 degrees.

You can constantly adjust the temperature of the water as you learn to make coffee, you can taste and record it, until you reach the taste you want, then you get the most suitable water temperature.


Finally, let's practice it.

If you like coffee with a bitter taste, how should you make it?

Starting from the first step of choosing a coffee machine, both moka pot and Espresso machines can make bitter coffee with a stronger taste. For you who are new to making coffee, choosing a moka pot is the best choice, because its operation is relatively Simple, the price is more affordable. Then you should buy fresh coffee beans and grind them fine enough to increase the temperature during the brewing process and extend the brewing time at the same time.

Hope you can make delicious coffee and say to those Snobs: "Look at me, I am a coffee expert."